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Published: 29th March 2011
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Do you want to learn about Kegel Magic Review? Do you expect to learn more regarding the reputation of Caroline Ward ? Or perhaps is Kegel Magic Scam or genuine product? There are shocking answers in this honest review!

Kegel exercises involve the contractions of your pelvic muscles. The exercise is named after Dr. Arnold Kegel. Continually practicing Kegel exercises helps strengthen the muscles under the uterus and bladder. The exercises are effective for both men and women to ease incontinence, and they help with bowel control problems, too. Kegel exercises are especially important for women who're pregnant or plan to be pregnant. Kegels help women learn how to push effectively during childbirth, but are also useful when you are maintaining strong pelvic muscles to support the growing baby without causing incontinence. For males, Kegels are helpful for incontinence after prostate surgery. Allow yourself a few weeks to understand to get this done pelvic workout properly.

General instructions:

1. Empty your bladder first to avoid moving accidents. While you're in the bathroom, discover the muscles that you will be exercising by stopping the flow of urine. The muscles that stop the flow of urine are your pelvic muscles.

2. Sit or lay down to start exercising. Begin by pretending to stop the flow of urine, as you did earlier. This can be a contraction. At this point, do not be worried about letting go of this contraction and allow it to relax normally.

3. Once you are comfortable with the contraction, start the muscle-building exercise by holding your contraction for just one second, then two seconds. When you're ready, progress to 3 seconds per contraction.

4. After exercising for a week or two, increase the control over the muscle by contracting gradually. Begin a little muscle contraction, then hold it a little more, then hold it fully.

5. Finally, make believe you release the flow of urine, and relax your muscle (or bulge muscle). Bulge your muscles after your contractions to accomplish your Kegel exercise.

6. Do about 10 contractions three times a day to attain results.

Do not do more than 10 contractions three times a day or contract the muscle very hard, or you could cause muscle soreness as well as urine leakage.

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