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Published: 25th March 2011
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Would you like to learn about Cancer Cure Secrets Review? Do you be prepared to find out more regarding the reputation of Jane Jarvis? Or is Cancer Cure Secrets Scam or legitimate product? There are shocking answers in this honest review!

The National Cancer Institute reported approximately 1,437,180 people died from cancer-related deaths in 2008. Though these rates were lower than expected, no known cure for the disease has been found. With traditional treatment models in a standstill, natural cures provide new alternatives to those seeking a far more holistic approach to healing and wellness.


With no known cures for cancer coming, most are exploring alternative treatment options in the place of traditional treatments. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, while offering limited hope to cancer patients, significantly impacts one's standard of living. Natural cures include herbal, nutritional, chiropractic and energy-based approaches, with herbal and nutritional being the most popular. In certain regards, herbal and nutritional treatments operate from the standpoint that nature's ingredients are best suitable for heal the human body. Herbal treatments use the therapeutic properties found in plants, while nutritional treatments pinpoint the properties present in natural foods.


Cancer can arise from different causes and take root within parts from the body. Why it happens is still unknown; however many factors contribute to its occurrence. For reasons uknown, a particular number of cells in the body start to come unglued over their reproductive abilities. Cells start to multiply at unusual rates, causing the lump and tumor formations.

Herbalists view these cellular malfunctions as the result of a weakened immune system. The body is basically a self-repairing entity that functions all right until its natural mechanisms become damaged or weakened. A diet without nutrition depletes the body from the vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed to repair itself.


Herbal remedies are derived from plant extracts, not unlike many pharmaceutical medicines in use. The main difference between the two lies in what parts of the plant are utilized to prepare a treatment. While most pharmaceutical medicines extract key ingredients from the plant, herbal treatments rely on the combined mixture of a plant's ingredients to provide a natural therapeutic effect. Traditional medicine attempts to treat specific symptoms caused by an illness and so targets all of them with key ingredients. Herbal approaches observe the body in general, so the focus is about the cause of an illness, rather than its effects.


Articles posted in the Ny Times in June 2008 reports on the government's need to crack recorded on marketing advertisements for herbal products that claimed to cure cancer. A total of 25 companies and 125 different products were flagged for participating in fraudulent practices. Consumer warnings were posted by the Food & Drug Administration to alert them of advertisements containing exaggerated claims. Consequently, the FDA is reevaluating its safety requirements for natural herbs. Stricter laws on herbal product testing and approvals they are under consideration like a necessary step for consumer safety.


Natural cures for cancer extend beyond herbal and nutritional treatments. Reiki, massage and physical touch methods are based on restoring the body's natural energy balance. Physical touch methods, like acupuncture, work to redirect energy flow at specific points inside the body's system. Both the reiki and massage methods involve the laying on of hands, with reiki being more energy-oriented. Chiropractic treatment approaches pinpoint the body's musculoskeletal balance since the supply of immune system functioning. By restoring a person's musculoskeletal balance, the immune system is better able to combat illnesses inside the body.

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